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2nd Αnnοuncement PHM

2nd Αnnοuncement: 3rd Panhellenic Hayabusa Meeting

Dear Hayabusa friends,

Our club for the 3rd time in the row will be organizing the Panhellenic Hayabusa meeting in Karavostasi beach of Thesprotia region. The accommodation and events will take place in Karavostasi Beach Hotel.

You can find videos and photos of the hotel and the region in our webpage.

Due to date of the event there have been suggestions by Greek and other European riders that there will be additional days available so that they use the event as a summer vacation. Respecting your wishes we decided that this year besides the 4day event (Friday 14 June-Monday 17 June) where all our activities will take place like every year, we added 3 additional days of non compulsory stay  (Prelude event Tuesday 11 June – Thursday 13 June) with other kinds of events taking place. All those who will be present during the Main event and the Prelude days will receive an additional bonus day as gift (Monday June 10). All these details can be found in our webpage.

Our first priority is and always will be to listen to your suggestions and organize a Panhellenic which will be safe, pleasant and not too expensive for all those who participate (Hayabusa riders – Hayabusa clubs – Hayabusa Club Thessaloniki). For our club this meeting does not provide any profit and this can be clearly seen in the prices, the organization and the events. It is not by chance that every years more and more people from different countries join our meeting. The most important part for us is that the majority of our participants who honor us with their presence choose to revisit the Panhellenic meeting every year and this is something that give us power to maintain a high level of quality so that we have all have a great and safe meeting.

Also, the interest is already high and started since October 2018 so we had to come to an agreement with a second hotel right next to Karavostasi Beach Hotel which is of the same category and financial agreement. The people who will stay there will be the ones who will declare their interest for participation after the 47 rooms of Karavostasi hotel (the 1st one) are covered. Today 10 of December 2018, 6 months prior to the event we have already a 50% coverage of these rooms.

Thank you all for supporting our event and we promise to have a great time and that you memories from it will follow you back to your countries!

Have a nice holiday, Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

See you all at Karavostasi!