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1st Announcement: 1st Hayabusa Pan-European Meeting

1st Announcement: 1st Hayabusa Pan-European Meeting

Dear friends of Hayabusa, organizing the 1stPaneuropean Hayabusa Meeting at 1-8 June 2020 makes us very proud but also brings us in front of a great responsibility. The responsibility of hosting a successful event that you will be a part of.

For us to succeed in this task we need to follow the recipe that we follow all these years

Information > Organization > Prices


Blue Sea Hotel Toroni – Sithonia Halkidiki

Toroni Blue Sea Hotel & Spa is a 4-star hotel, with 85 amphitheatrical view rooms around the pool and is separated in two wings.

The hotel is right above the sandy beach of Toroni. It offers a wellness center and rooms with balcony that have a view to the pool and to the Aegean Sea. In the communal spaces the hotel offers free Wi-Fi.

All the rooms include A/C units, LCD satellite tv and a fridge. Some of the rooms also have handmade furniture.

The visitors can enjoy their drink at the bar of the pool with a view at the sea.

The wellness and spa facilities include a gym, spa room (sauna, Turkish hamam).

There is also one more pool, beach chairs and umbrellas at the beach, private parking space, a supermarket and a beach bar.

Ancient Toroni is just 300m away.

You can be updated through 3 different portals:

Facebook Group: HayabusaClub Thessaloniki Hellas

Facebook Page: Hayabusaclub Thessaloniki Hellas



By the end of October all the activities will be announced for the whole week of the event, for example Cruise to Athos Mountain, visit to archaeological site, scuba diving etc.


By the end of October, the prices will also be announced for the 2 packages of accommodation that you can choose.

There will be a package titled “Main Event” that will be for the 3-night stay (Friday 5 to Monday 8 of June)

And the “Prelude Event” (Tuesday 2 to Thursday 4 and 1 Night for free, the night of Monday the 1st of June)