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Cancellation: 1st Paneuropean Hayabusa Meeting


1st Paneuropean Hayabusa Meeting


Dear friends, the 1stPaneuropean Hayabusa meeting managed to cover until the end of February 58 rooms of the 65 available and a total of 79 Hayabusas.

Unfortunately, we were not aware of the intentions of Covid-19 that brought people, countries, governments, and businesses in a difficult position.

During the last days the management board and the members of the club were monitoring the situation not only in Greece but also all the other countries of people that declared their will to participate: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Austria, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy.

Taking under consideration today’s updates (15 April 2020) with regards to healthcare point of view and the preventative measures and given the fact that we cannot predict the outcome of the situation and how long it will take for the measures to be amended we have decided to announce the cancellation of the event.

Our intention is to host the event in another time given the fact that the situation in Europe allows it. In any case we will be announcing the new date 6 months ahead.

We would like to thank you all for the support in the preparation of the event and for the trust you have given to our club as the organizing actor.

We are certain that all countries will come out of this fight as victors and we will be able to host the 1st Pan European Hayabusa Meeting satisfying the will of all of us to meet in a Pan European level.

Within the next few days, all those who registered for the event will be notified by e-mail about the process of canceling their rooms.

The fight against the virus will continue and for sure what is more important is the well being of all people and our families. We stay at home!

The management board and the members
Hayabusaclub Thessaloniki Hellas